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You never know when God is getting ready to open those windows for you. How did these people become millionaires?
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Ardyss Platinum Testimonies - Galil Mathis, Kenneth Lloyd, Andrea Billups, Jawana Bethley, Tiffany Williams, Ann Maynord

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Find out what it takes to become an Ardyss Platinum President

One of the things everybody fails to realize is that patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait. If you desire to become a Platinum President with Ardyss International it may take up to a year or even longer for others. For some it has happened in less than 6 months. It is important to have your own testimoy and not base your success on someone else's testimony. If you want to become a Platinum Presidents with Ardyss International you need to stay motivated. Do not be frustrated if you do not receive the level of rank or bonuses you feel you are entitled to right away. It is important to understand that you are building a foundation. When you are building a foundation in your organization with Ardyss, you have to learn to be responsible and to handle time management very well. You have to make sure that, you are ready to handle anywhere from 10 people to 5,000 people. A lot of the top earners with Ardyss International know that they have to be able to help the ones on their team and to build theri team one leg at a time. That means offering them training and helping grow their business and being able to do whatever it takes. It is important to be available for questions and if you do not have the answers to those questions be ready to find those answers. By motivating each of your team members to move forward with encouragement and a strategic plan for their business.

When things don't go right the first time some of us tend to give up. We get frustrated when we hear the word no. Learning how to accept rejection is the key essential to overcoming fear. To become a top earner in any company, it doesn't matter how much training you have, how much you know, what matters is you. People join people not business, building and establishing relationships is very important. People want to trust people,they just don't want to sign up with you. Just because of the compensation, or the product. They want to make sure of themselves before they join you,that you are trustworthy.

Platinum president's with Ardyss and other top earners road to success was not all smooth sailing at first. They didn't come out the ring without a scratch or a bruise, they fought long and hard and some fought the good fight of faith. Even though they were knocked down, they have been doubted that one day they would be able to reach the level of succes they were striving for. They went through extremely trying times and at the end of the day, they did not stop until they saw results. It's not about the money even though with some that is the way it is. But the question still remains for all of us and that is...are we ready to get out there and work it.

For some of us it takes passion and others it takes money to make money, that does not mean go out and buy a garage full of Ardyss products. This means becoming a product of the product, having a passion for what you do. How can you tell someone about this amazing compression garment if you're not wearing it. If you want to become platinum president for Ardyss International, you have to have a drive and passion for Ardyss products. Pick one or two Ardyss products and be passionate about them.

You have to have an obsession for becoming successful, do not fear the word "no", work the business do not let it work you. Set aside some time out of your busy work schedule, or daily routine and work Ardyss into your schedule. When you are prospecting word of mouth is not going to cut it, people have to believe you first. Once people see that you really have a drive and a passion for this then they start to open the doors to you. Target people that you think may want a body magic or Le'vive or any other Ardyss product you are passionate about. Don't build up walls for yourself because they might not have money right now. If a woman want's something bad enough she will find a way to get it.

When you are out prospecting, never leave home without a garment, business cards, or flyers. When you approach someone have a smile on your face, always have a great attitude. If your day is going bad do not let it show on your face, people can sense your attitude. Wear something that compliments the garment, show off your figure and show people what it has done for you. Be ready to give your testimony.

Invest in your Ardyss business each month if you can. Remember to sell you not Ardyss. If there are 50 million people promoting Ardyss, you are not one of the 50 million people, you are you. If you want to become a top earner you have to work your business.

Last but least have learn to work smarter not harder. If you cut corner's you make it hard for yourself, the easy way can sometimes be a hard way. Have a platinum mindset, a platinum vision, if you see yourself platinum be ready, to handle platinum. It does not matter who you are or what your background is...This Ardyys Opportunity is for anyone that wants to live the life of their dreams and have a better life. So go after it and if you desire to become a Platinum President with Ardyss International...GO FOR IT!!!

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